Augmented Reality Leader Atheer Unveils AiR™ Glasses and AiR™ Enterprise Suite to Transform the Way Deskless Professionals Work and Collaborate.

Mountain View, California- November 19, 2015- Atheer launches new product and brand design experience led by Frank Nuovo and developed with his associates at Atheer and Design Studio Nuovo. Atheer, the company pioneering a new AiR™ (Augmented interactive Reality™) computing platform today unveiled AiR Glasses, the world’s most interactive 3D smart glasses and the AiR Enterprise Suite, a cloud-based collaboration and task flow interaction solution for Fortune 1000 companies. Atheer AiR platform is designed from the ground up to fulfill the needs of the 21st century workforce. This award-winning platform consists of the AiR Glasses powered by the Android-based AiR OS and the collaboration-centric AiR Enterprise Suite.


In his role as Chief of Design for Atheer, Nuovo states "We are thrilled to present our new interactive, functional and stylistic platform and a total brand experience. Our design is fully harmonized and at the heart of this future of computer interaction, You, are in control from the inside out. Our solution is light and comfortable while maintaining the robustness required of a serious computing instrument serving demanding professionals".


Nuovo regarding his role leading Design Studio Nuovo “this has been another very exciting year for me and for the team at Design Studio Nuovo.  Working with the sharp and innovative group at Atheer has presented many new technical challenges as we work together and redefine what will be an essential computing experience for the future. My associates at DSN are also thrilled to have the rare opportunity to drive a holistic new design experience forward for Atheer. Our collaborative development effort included a whole new refresh of the brand, the glasses ID and all aspects of the user interface and experience, included web, media assets and promo video production.” It’s a new and quickly evolving world for design and technology. We are proud of our DSN contribution toward the evolution of the Atheer experience.




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Introducing Orbitsound A70, a premium sound system designed by Frank Nuovo.

London, England – August 21, 2015 - Frank Nuovo designed the Orbitsound A70 Sound bar to compliment their Air sound technology Bar.  Developed by Nuovo during a period of 2013 and 2014, the sound bar was released in early 2015 to high acclaim for both its performance and for its elegant and sophisticated design. Nuovo states “When Orbitsound asked me to interpret their Air sound technology, I immediately visualized sound waves moving from the center of the device outward toward the listener. I focused on creating a distinct design that would also maintain a low profile presentation so it would not overwhelm your TV or living room, My design of the A70 established an elegant representation of the sound as part of the product identity - It was important to represent the movement of air via the simple and elegant form and line. I intended it all to work together and for the owner to see the relationship sound movement as they enjoy its audio performance.”


The A70 has received numerous accolades on performance and design;


Daily Mail says,…” Orbitsound’s svelte new A70 Soundbar offers very big sounds indeed – and (crucially) a design that makes a nod to the rules of feng shui, not to mention the even stricter rules of Elle Decoration.


Trusted Reviews UK;…” The A70 is more expensive than your average soundbar but justifies the price with an accomplished performance, elegant design and luxurious build quality”.


The design of the Orbitsound A70 provides another elegant solution from Design Studio Nuovo deeply considering brand design evolution.





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courtesy of Orbitsound


Introducing SPACED360, a premium omni-directional Bluetooth speaker designed by Frank Nuovo.

London, England – April 11, 2014 -The birth of Spaced360 design development is a memorable story for Frank Nuovo and his team at Design Studio Nuovo. It began in the fall of 2011 when Nuovo was approached during one of his trips to London by an intensely determined group of seasoned audio experts. They wanted to share their solution for a new technology that filled a room with sound unlike any other system in the world. The small prototype they shared was  certainly a magical little “container” sitting at the center of a table.  Magical - because it produced an amazing audio experience, a presence far beyond its physical size in the room, and it performed exactly as promised. Nuovo enthusiastically then provided guidance for what he believed should be the mindset and market focus for such a device.  With everyone agreeing with that approach - the group engaged with Nuovo to propose his vision for what the form and aesthetic of the device should be.


From that point on, Nuovo and his team at Design Studio Nuovo in Los Angeles partnered and invested hand-in-hand with the audio experts in England. Nuovo proposed the current configuration and they began to iterate and tune the marriage of the audio technology with Nuovo’s vision for the shape and material composition. After many months of rigorous testing, dozens of iterative improvements and more seemingly endless testing, they together exceeded their desired goal.  Technical and user testing demonstrated they had topped the extremely high expectations of both audio and physical design performance they set out to achieve. The performance of the Spaced360 is a testament that high levels of quality can be achieved when experts pull their vision and resources together and accept no compromise.


Nuovo’s design for the Spaced360 is inspired purely by the technology’s room filling performance – projecting sound in all directions rather than simply right and left. People have two ears but sound originates and reflects from all points in space in most any environment. The forms and surfaces designed by Nuovo are therefore created to visually represent the spread of sound waves into space.  Nuovo envisioned the product form had to be memorable, unique yet familiar - an iconic design representing the experience of this new audio technology. Nuovo’s strong desire was also to project a direct and confident sense of raw audio power. The three visible speakers therefore emphasize the more traditional side of the device – leaving no question, even when idle, that the Spaced360 is a powerhouse audio speaker that belts out brilliantly balanced omni-directional sound. While the unique curved forms provide a fresh new aesthetic – especially in a sea of boxy boomers, Spaced360 is the first of a new breed. Nuovo’s design of the Spaced360 screams that the experience is worthy of a good long listen. Frank and his Design Studio Nuovo team are extremely excited to have been an integral part of the investment and development of the Spaced360 product.



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courtesy of spaced360


Meta Watch Partners with Frank Nuovo to create the Next Wave of Functionally Chic “Smart Watches”

Helsinki, Finland and Dallas, Texas – February 20, 2013 – Meta Watch, Ltd. today announced it has partnered with leading mobile phone industrial designer, Frank Nuovo and his company Design Studio Nuovo, Inc. (DSN). Together the companies will collaborate on future evolution and expansion of the Meta WatchTM brand, identity and product line, which includes stylish and highly-functional watches and mobile accessories.


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Vertu launches first Android-based smartphone,  VertuTi

Los Angeles, California - February 12, 2013 - Frank Nuovo designed the Vertu Ti as the first Signature Series touch product. Nuovo shares “Its deliberate and confident style is holistically sculpted from the core of Vertu brand DNA. The Vertu Ti design brings forward familiar elements of the classic and evolving Vertu Signature. Examples of these are the side rail linear detailing, sound ports and a subtle homage to the traditional Signature key tips. The tip detail is found on the outside of the three, polished, metal-framed, ceramic keys on the front face.  These three ceramic physical keys retain the authentic Vertu blend of high technology (capacitive touch display) and traditional technology (physical keys). The squared and metal-framed ceramic pillow design evolved from the Signature S, and is in clear contrast to the softer flowing design elements of the Constellation Touch pillow. The rear plate design is, again, strictly and squarely defined while allowing a full wrap of durable yet soft, finely-textured leather variations. My approach to this design demonstrates, as with the Constellation T, that a touch phone can celebrate detail that is rich in character while successfully serving practical functionality. The dynamic interplay of material and design detail also adds character - for instance, the strength of the rigid titanium metal frame gently contrasts with the distinct and intricate design of the concierge key detail. The Vertu Ti’s refined, formal character holds an honorable and unique position in a world full of strict, minimalist touch designs”. The Vertu Ti continues the design DNA evolution Nuovo pioneered and nurtured since he first created the Vertu concept in 1997.



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Vertu launches new entry tier, "Constellation".

Los Angeles California – October 2, 2013 -Vertu has launched Nuovo’s latest design for their new collection of Android touch devices. This new design, named “Constellation”, provides a new entry tier for the Vertu line up.   Nuovo completed work creating this design back in March of 2012. Finalization for production was handled well by the internal design team and Nuovo is pleased it has retained design quality and the essential design elements as he specified.


Nuovo’s design intent targeted a spirited new Vertu customer, one that clearly aligns their stylistic choices with a more simplified, less decorative and more minimalist style. Nuovo states, “I chose to create a streamlined visual frame that accelerated from the center of the V outward.  This “V rail” provides a fast and sexy movement of line and form that compliments the thinness of the product. The eye follows this line - providing a smooth transition from the front to the side and then upward toward the top without interruption. The top is a robust metal formed solution handling the business end of the device. Use of titanium provides structural strength and is a powerful contrast to the fine leather. Overall, the elegant visual simplification provides expansion of the Vertu style and maintains tremendous individual character where other mobiles are lost in a sea of sameness.”


Nuovo also states “ It’s obvious that the iconic Vertu “pillow” is absent, prominently leaving only the Vertu V logo.  This is a bold and purposeful move I present to observers with confidence.  The focal point now shifts the eye directly to the base of the display and its dominant “V form” framing. The substantial soft leather base and back provides maximum area for a comfortable grip area using the finest leather available”. Many years ago Nuovo set the Constellation series to feature leather. He named the dominant material theme as “the glove”.  This design also provides for optimal use of glove leather and is greatly enhanced with color and texture both in the front and the back. Nuovo also shares that while originally there were other considerations with regard to series name, Nuovo feels its form and use of leather is appropriately fitting for a contemporary revitalization of the Constellation line.




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MetaWatch introduces META, a premium Smart Watch brand.

Beautifully Smart Products For Fashion Conscious Consumers.

Las Vegas, Nevada – January 6, 2014 -Nuovo’s watch design and DSN’s transformation of the Metawatch brand to “Meta” are co-inspired from the same roots. The Meta brand, and the new physical design together intend to evolve wearable technology smoothly into its new role as both a fashion accessory and as an extension of your smart device ecosystem.


The Meta brand will evolve the story of the watch and its role as an accessory to your smart phone. Meta brand will communicate “Art of the glance” as part of our humanistic approach toward integration of your digital life experience. The Meta brand intends to build its place to live purposely alongside your core mobile technology and introduces a blend of modern and classic style. Ultimately, Meta strives to provide a gentle movement toward more functional, practical and “beautifully smart” solutions. Fashion influences technology at Meta – it softens and welcomes it into your life.


Nuovo’s inspiration for the design is centered stylistically on merging traditional watch design influences with the right measure of today’s high technology. The uniqueness of Nuovo’s Meta design is also centered on providing added user comfort with the proprietary design of the armatures. This unique connection from the case to the band provides a comfortable positioning and free fall around the wrist. The Meta Armature pivot point rotates about the center axis of the four outer most control keys. The Armature design also provides important style uniqueness – a visible traditional analog watch inspired mechanism.


Nuovo’s design for Meta provides both a smaller footprint for the main case and a point of interest with the dynamic watch band movement which is uniquely appropriate and comfortable for Meta’s wearable technology. The armatures are varied in material and color to provide a range of individualized personalities. The armatures also allow a visual “step down” from the watch case to the band which reduces its perceived mass as the form flows downward around the wrist. The screen size is in balance – maintaining the same size as previous models and is now refreshed with a redesigned graphical style which enhances the overall experience.


Over more than two decades Nuovo has built a career with industry leading, international award winning solutions in human centered design. Specifically focused on the convergence of mobile technology with ease of use and fashion, first as Global VP and Chief of Design at Nokia, then as Founder and Creative Director of the pioneering luxury mobile communications brand Vertu. Nuovo’s leadership in design helped technology to break through old barriers of fashion and luxury. Nuovo decided to move on from his work at Nokia in 2006 and from Vertu in 2012 after over 22 years of exclusivity to those brands. Bill Geiser contacted Nuovo in 2011 initially, and again in 2012 as Nuovo was developing new projects and was actively looking for the right team in the upcoming smart watch area. Bill and Frank saw common inspirations and shared common vision for the future of smart watch solutions.


Design studio Nuovo is thrilled to join forces and creative minds with Metawatch – we are very excited about our launch of Meta and our new design.





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