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    Design Studio Nuovo began as an incubator for developing new ideas and design solutions. It was created by Frank Nuovo in order to pursue a wide range of creative and business explorations, from high (and “low”) technology product development to new business ventures in entertainment and communications. Over his career - beginning with his days as a student, then as Designer Director at BMW’s Designworks USA, and eventually as Creative Director and Chief of Design at Nokia and Vertu - Nuovo had the privilege of working with several particularly talented creative and business associates.  They truly enjoyed collaborating on challenging and rewarding projects and, consequently, producing world class, award winning solutions.


    This group eventually decided to formalize their association, thus establishing Design Studio Nuovo Associates, or DSN Associates.  Together, this unique and proven group combines business and design strategy, brand creation and evolution, and practical product, graphics/packaging and interaction design to create complete offerings and refined experiences for their own ventures and for select partners and clients.


    When choosing your collaborators in creative explorations - experience counts. A highly successful track record is crucial. Staying true with what you know while quickly identifying knowledge gaps will bring you quickly toward recognizing those hidden yet “ripe” market opportunities. DSN Associates is just such a team. Ours is a knowledgeable, professional and comfortably collaborative approach, with a team that is tirelessly and enthusiastically hands-on in its pursuit of creative excellence. DSN Associates is available to discuss your strategic design needs.  Generally, our design and brand work is focused on equity based, entrepreneurial ventures. However, we also welcome a dialog about your established company’s needs and interest in working with our team.

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