beacon your message, zing and be discovered!
Learn how datzing works for you!
datzing is the newest way to connect with friends, fans & customers using beacons. just download & broadcast!
(No special hardware required.)
Easily register your existing devices as beacons. No new hardware required. Safely & securely register any wifi or bluetooth device including your mobile, laptop, tablet, wifi router into a beacon.
Instantly create click-able messages to assign to your beacons. No programming skills required. Simply write your message, add a web address then assign it to ANY or ALL of your beacons.
Boost your reach and drive more traffic. A zing is like a tweet in the real world. Quickly message and link all interested users in-range of your beacons directly to your website.
Manage your beacons from the beach. Whether your beach-side with a margarita or on a global adventure, the manager allows your to quickly change the content associated with your beacons back home.
sell by connecting digitally to interested shoppers.
beacon your passion, blog or charity in your community.
beacon your club, event or website to passersby 24/7.
beacon your business to interested shoppers within eyeshot.
Why datzing?
All-in-one solution Register beacons, manage your messages and discover others all from the datzing app. No special equipment needed. Use your existing wireless devices as beacons, no need to deploy or maintain new equipment. Register, activate and manage all your beacons directly from your manager. Opt-in Interest Filter User friendly controls allow you to customize your experience - discover only the content that interest you in the real world.
Beacons have been used for hundreds of years to attract attention to a specific location. Imagine what your beacons can do for you!

our mission

founded in early 2011, datzing was built to empower users to leverage their existing wireless signals as proximity beacons - linking real world experiences

to the web.

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